Andara Tutorials- Learn About Andara!!

Andara Tutorials- Learn About Andara!!
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On this page you will find andara videos

How to know if it is real andara or trash/slag glass

What andara is right for me?

Read this page IN IT'S ENTIRETY!!!!!!

Monatomic andara crystal video(s)
What are andara ?
How are they created ?
Where are they found ?
How do i choose the one(s) right for me ?
How do I work with them ?

Video 1:

Video 2:

Video 3:


How to tell Real andara from Slag/Trash glass

Most of what is selling on eBay in particular is NOT Authentic Monatomic andara unfortunately......

1. REAL andara can be felt, connected with and experienced directly through a picture or video

2. PRICE is always a sure way to tell......people want a "deal" and so they look on eBay scouting for "cheap andara" they do NOT exist..... REAL monatomic andara retail for 3.00-5.00 a gram or more in some cases across the board and wholesale for at least 2.00 per gram.....ANY piece one comes across that is priced lower is because it is TRASH GLASS, it may be super pretty, but it is NOT an andara.

3. Buy from Reputable Legitimate sources, don't take chances.

These are my 3 Golden rules that I share with New andara peeps, because unfortunately many people new to andara get scammed because they want lower can go on eBay right now and find sooooo many people selling "andara" with 100% customer ratings and THEY ARE FAKE and the biggest way you can tell is the price.

My personal boundaries are the following: I do not authenticate any specimens bought from other people, please do not send me pictures of specimens bought somewhere else and ask me to name, authenticate or energetically read the piece.

What andara is right for me?

I am frequently asked what various color andara mean.....usually because someone is DRAWN to a certain andara and so of course the MIND wants to know WHY it is being drawn to it.  Actually it is NOT the MIND that is being drawn, but more the HEART and INNER KNOWING that is pulling you to a certain andara.

Andara are helping us with the ASCENSION and AWAKENING PROCESS, they are specifically doing this by opening and expanding consciousness, raising our vibration and shifting our carbon based bodies into crystalline based bodies.

If you are drawn to a certain andara PLEASE LISTEN to that and follow it

it is going to do for you exactly what you need at that time of your ascension journey

each part of our ascension has different steps and levels to it

once we move through one part, we are onto the next stage and often a
NEW andara starts jumping up and down to get our attention because
that is what we need to work with for that phase of the ascension and awakening process

it really is as simple as that--LET GO of the descriptions of what each andara is, that is LIMITING and may not be your experience.

Since andara are here to help us step into our mastery, we have to transcend labels and wanting to figure everything out, put things in neat little boxes, label them with a bow etc.

The time for that is LONG OVER and the andara are simply not having it anymore LOL, they literally will not allow me to answer the question, "What does this one do?" or "Why am I attracted to that one?"

They tell me to tell you, "If you are attracted to it, that is ALL you need to know, are you going to follow that and listen to it?  That is up to you."