How to Work with your Andara Crystals

My favorite way to work with an Andara is to SLEEP with them!!

Whether you place them under your pillow, or inside your pillow case, on your body (I tend to place one on my third eye, one in each hand, one on my chest) and I sleep like this.

You can simply have your collection on your bedside table and they will still work on you as the energetic radius of a TRUE Monatomic Andara is up to 500 feet.

I think they are stronger than the wifi in my house!!

You can use them during in meditation placing one or more in each hand and allowing their energies to flow through you.

Lying down and placing them on and around the body is yet another way.

I encourage all bodyworkers to think about investing in their own Andara chakra healing sets to use in their sessions with others.

There are no rules as to how to work with Andara, so try some of the above and use your intuition as well as imagination.

When you receive a new Andara crystal there is an assimilation period that you will go through, you will need to "calibrate" to it for a period of time.  That can be anywhere from 24 hours up to three weeks.

If you find that working with your Andara crystal feels too intense, simply sit it on a sunny window sill and leave it alone for awhile and then come back to it later.

TRUE Monatomic Andara crystals are NOT like other crystals at all, these are MASTER BEINGS here to help us with the shift that is occurring on this Planet and are for people further down the spiritual path.

They are powerful, magical and truly life changing.

They also do not need to be cleared, though they do love water of all kinds and sunlight.

Andara are the HIGHEST vibrational crystal we have on the planet at this time, though they are not from here, they are from star systems beyond Earth and are here NOW because  we are ready, though Andara are not for everyone.

They have chosen their "glass-like" form for a good reason, to the naked eye an Andara looks like nothing more than a piece of broken glass, though for those people tapped in and spiritually evolved you can strongly feel the powerful energy emitted by a true andara.

You may feel electricity, extreme warmth, pulsing, as the energy travels within and around the body doing exactly what is needed in that moment.

I observe many people get overly caught up in the colors and andara descriptions, relying far too heavily on choosing an andara based on the "description" written about it.  This really is not the best way to choose an Andara to work with, in fact if the Andara had it their way we would have NO color charts, grafts or descriptions AT ALL!

Andara are chosen WITH THE HEART.  Regardless of color an Andara is going to do for you EXACTLY what you are ready for in that moment as they respond to your intention due to their monatomic nature.

When perusing this website, consciously GAZE at each and every piece for a minute or so, DON"T READ THE DESCRIPTIONS!!!  Make note of the ones that really open your heart, that you feel  HEART connection with, you feel an intense energy flow within, the andara that seem to reach out and TOUCH your very SOUL.  Get a piece of paper and write those down.

You will know that you have connected with YOUR Andara(s) because you won't want to turn away from it, if you are holding one you won't want to part with it or put it down.  If you do put it down or move on from it, the Andara WILL CALL YOU BACK to it somehow.  Do NOT doubt this, TRUST it.

The Andara are also here to assist us to step into our MASTERY.  I tell people this all the time and they shake their heads yes like they know what I am saying, but I am not so sure they really understand.

Helping you step into your Mastery is about self love, self trust, inner connection, loving and accepting ALL aspects of self (especially the parts you may deem unlovable or unworthy), the Andara force you to go DEEP within and shine that Divine Light on ALL of you and this is not always easy to face!

Any shadow aspects must be integrated into wholeness!

Since the Andara do work directly on your DNA they give you tons of WILD dreams and when I say wild, you probably cannot even begin to conceive of what I mean until you have your own experience.  The Andara gracefully and elegantly work on you deeply while you sleep and your dreams can be bizarre and even dark.  There is nothing to be afraid of or resist, these are cellular memories coming up for illumination, for awareness and healing, this TRULY is a good thing!

Andara are a tool for Awakening and self actualization, though as a tool you are meant to transcend them to the place you no longer need any tools, they are your own reflection, showing you--YOU, helping you to remember the truth of you.