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Erica RockErica Rock

is a dynamic spiritual teacher and author that radiates Divine Grace. Her first awakening experience arrived at the age of six and has deepened and expanded since that time.  Erica has been interested in health, healing and consciousness expansion her entire life.  Knowing that the potential of the human being is tremendous, she has sought to experience how far she can go and ignites others to awaken to their unlimited potential. She delights in sparking the innate talents and abilities in others so they can fully realize and live their life purpose.

Erica holds many professional degrees.  She has a Bachelor's in Social Work, Doctor of Metaphysics and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner degree. As a HHP she specializes in nutritional counseling. Helping people to live more healthy and joyful lives through proper nutrition that is right for their unique body and lifestyle.

Erica has been noted as a “free spirit” by her family and friends.  She enjoys experiencing life to it's fullest! She had been guided very early on to not read many spiritual books but to instead, learn directly through experience and strongly supports her clients in this endeavor as well.

Erica is highly intuitive and shares with clients profound wisdom, insight and clarity.

From being in Erica's presence, working with her and the energy of Divine Grace that flows through her, people awaken to who they truly are.  Freeing themselves of everything that is not authentic to their heart, so as to live from a place of peace, love, abundance and joy.

What Erica is most passionate about is assisting people in having direct experience of the Divine. Not only having that direct experience but bringing all challenges and struggles to the Presence within and discovering expanded resources, deeper peace and innate wisdom in which to move through life more gracefully. This is full empowerment!

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