Selenite Crystal Chakra healing Wand

Selenite Crystal Chakra healing Wand
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Selenite Crystal Chakra Healing Wand- The chakras are the centers of energy, located on the midline of the body. Each of the 7 chakras represents a physical, emotional or mental state, helping to enrich one's spirit and well-being

cleansing and clearing other crystals of negative energies and vibrations is another wonderful property of Selenite. Unlike other metaphysical stones, you will never have to recharge or cleanse your Selenite crystal because it does that by itself stimulate your creativity, increase your luck, bring monetary benefits to a business, or simply cleanse the room of negativity to create a healthier work environment.

Inspirational handcrafted Healing Wand is a beautiful gift for anyone who wants the blessings of unconditional love and heart healing