Great Central Sun Andara Crystal

Great Central Sun Andara Crystal
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Brings a higher octave of light, wisdom, truth and understanding.
When you work with this Species you will be working directly with Ascended Master Kuthumi and Archangel Jophiel who helps to touch people with wisdom and illumination, tact, foresight, consideration and friendliness.
Promotes decisiveness, mental clarity and power.
Brings harmony through detachment to the 3rd, 12th, 13th Chakras
This Andara is a Master Andara, as such this species can scan the user and Brings Forth exactly what One needs, whatever it is that is Unique to you.
It could be a Clearing, Healing, DNA activation & Expansion, Initiations, Downloads, Upgrades etc.  Be Open to the Magic and Mystery that is awaiting you.

10 grams

We do not accept returns. Please purchase because you feel a connection with it, not based on how it looks or the description written about it, everyone's experiences with andara can be vastly unique and different.

A REAL Monatomic andara emits its energy through a picture or video, you can FEEL them.  If you do not feel this connection, please do not purchase as all sales are FINAL.

Andara are "glass like" and Raw, not tumbled, cut or polished, they are straight from the Earth which means they can have sharp edges, please be careful, you may choose to lightly file down any sharp edges with a fine sand paper.