Electric Blue Andara Crystal

Electric Blue Andara Crystal
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The electric blue Andara is very similar to the electric yellow in that it has special codes embedded within it that awaken latent DNA to open you to your highest capacities and dormant abilities of intuition and many other spectacular feats of human potential.

This Andara is electrifying, bringing vitality, sense of well being, expansion, passion, creation, inspiration, openness and infinite potential.

Placing on your third eye is a potent activation point, bringing light, energy and information to Awaken you.

As this Andara is energizing it simultaneously has a calming effect, so you're feeling energized while peaceful and able to hyper focus on projects while being firmly grounded within your body.

I have found this Andara to be helpful in getting my creative juices flowing for creative projects that require acute focus.

Those labeled as ADD/ADHD will find this species Andara quite helpful.

We do not accept returns. Please purchase because you feel a connection with it, not based on how it looks or the description written about it, everyone's experiences with andara can be vastly unique and different.

A REAL Monatomic andara emits its energy through a picture or video, you can FEEL them.  If you do not feel this connection, please do not purchase as all sales are FINAL.

Andara are "glass like" and Raw, not tumbled, cut or polished, they are straight from the Earth which means they can have sharp edges, please be careful, you may choose to lightly file down any sharp edges with a fine sand paper.