Andara Oracle Cards

Andara Oracle Cards
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Having this deck of Andara Cards is just as powerful for healing and activation as having 44 Monatomic Andara Crystals to work and play with!! Since the energy of the Andara crystals comes through the photographs, you can use the cards just like you would a physical Andara Crystal; to gaze at and receive the activation or intended healing.


Andara Oracle Cards are beautifully illustrated Divination, Meditation & DNA Activation Cards personally created by YaMa’EL Cash and Erica Rock that reveal the true meaning behind 44 different Andara Crystals that can be used to receive daily messages, fresh perspectives and insights into ones life for yourself or doing readings for others.

Andara Oracle Decks are used for meditation, contemplation and spiritual awakening, to lay on or around the body and to perform absentee healing and activation on another. There are no rules with this dynamic deck and the uses are virtually limitless. Allow the Andara to inspire you as to how they can be used.

The accompanying 58 page guidebook helps you learn how to do readings for yourself or others and teaches you how to use the cards for divination, daily meditation, healing layouts, chakra healing and cleansing.

This deck was created not only as an inspirational tool for everyday casual use, but for radical and profound change and to use the energy that is transmitted through the pictures of the Andara Crystals themselves for healing, awakening and expansion of consciousness.

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