Andara New Name List Please Read

Andara New Name List Please Read
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Hello Andara family!  As many of you know, the Andara have been growing, shifting and evolving to their next stage of evolution as well.  As such they wanted New Names that more reflected their True Essence and Energy.  Just as many human people Awaken and choose a Spiritual name, most of the names that had been given to the Andara were not a vibrational match.  After much meditating and inner listening, here is a list of the New name on the left hand side with the Old Name on the Right for Easy Reference.

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If the andara has not chosen a new name it is not listed below.

Shiva                                               Lady Nellie

Earth Mother                                   Amber

Dynamic Heliadore yellow              Great Central Sun                            

Sovereign Amethyst                        Eye of Metatron


Scarlet Shift/Divine fire                    Transendent fire

Luminescent or Opaque white        Melchiezedek

Oracle clear                                     Akasha

True orange                                     Solar Logos

Iridium black                                   Cosmic Key

Oceanic Blue/Green                       Elohim

Luminescent Green                        Hand of God

Opaque yellow                                Heart of Orion

Violet Flame                                    Tanzanite Fire