Andara Meditation Event

Andara Meditation Event
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Andara Meditation event date:  TBD  This event is 11.00 per person to attend Register for LIVE Andara Meditation event via Zoom

Andara Meditation events are an excellent way to not only learn about Andara but to EXPERIENCE and work with the Andara for your personal spiritual activation, acceleration, ascension and awakening.

Monatomic Andara Crystals are new discoveries in the last 20-30 years that are here NOW to assist with the  Ascension & Shift we are currently experiencing on the planet.

Andara are the birth of the NEW CONSCIOUSNESS and NEW EARTH energy we are moving into.

At this Andara event you will learn about these Unique, and rare stones and then as a group we will experience several mini meditations with the Andara directly with themes such as: Ancestral clearing, accelerated manifesting, DNA activation and expansion, physical, mental, emotional healing.

After the mini meditations, you will have exploratory time, where you have the opportunity to work with whatever Andara call to you.  These events are profound due to the fact that coming into contact with a true andara even for a few minutes has a lasting impact on consciousness.  YOU WILL RECEIVE a MAGICAL GIFT from the Andara, everyone always does.

True Monatomic Andara Crystals:

Automatically expand your state of awareness and increase intuition

Increase access to Universal knowledge

Activates/Opens channeling abilities

Accelerates the Spiritual Development process

Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions for faster manifestation

Clears and Balances chakras automatically

Builds Trust within bringing feelings of Empowerment

Andara work through the Heart Raising one's personal Vibration to a much higher rate

At the end of the event you will have time to shop for any andara who wish to work with you personally.

Insights about Andara Crystals:

The word Andara means the Light of Beauty and Perfection, mirroring the Light, Beauty and Perfection in us all.

Andara are Master Beings in Stone form.  Completely unlimited in their capacity to Serve Us, Andara crystals are Multidimensional in Nature,  even considered Galactic, as their frequencies come from the Higher Dimensions of Light. 

Andara crystals are glass-like in appearance and are considered a cousin to Obsidian.  Andara are one of over 1500 natural forming glasses on our beautiful planet.

When one connects with an Authentic Andara Crystal, a magical journey begins to unfold as the Andara frequencies are Ultra-powerful, carrying otherworldly celestial light codes that assist and in our Awakening and Ascension process – aligning our Energy-Consciousness and Being with the Truth of who and what we truly are. 

The history of Andara Crystals can be traced back to Atlantis, Lemuria, other higher dimensional realms, where we worked in the Crystal Healing Temples. Authentic Andara share a truly pure and sacred source light, immersing one in Unconditional Love which brings Peace, Inner Wisdom, Increased Intuition, DNA activation, Profound Healing and a multitude of other Blessings.

Andaras open portals to Higher Dimensions, giving us the opportunity to connect  with our Higher  Selves, illuminating the truth that we are Infinite, Eternal, and Unlimited.

Andara Crystals know who their human connections are and will call you forward in miraculous ways if it is for your Highest and Best to work and co-create with Andaras. You will feel it in your Heart when you connect the experience is unmistakable.

A true and authentic Andara emit their energies via photos and video-many have their first Andara connect in this way.

Andaras are Resplendent Master Beings ready to serve in the most loving, highest destiny way.


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