Tribe in Unity Collector Specimen

Tribe in Unity Collector Specimen
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Tribe in Unity Andara....this name came to me as I held this wildly different feeling and looking andara.

As I held it, I began to see the faces of humanity, hand in hand, heart to heart and furthermore IN their Hearts.

All of the "colors" of the humanity rainbow were represented, what felt so different was there was no separation, no segregation, just the Oneness of Humanity, the One Body.

The feeling of Humanity living in Unity, Awakened as One, with Full realization of the inter connectection of ALL practically took my breath away.

That andara holds the blueprint of our Collective Future and I AM beyond humbled and overjoyed to have gotten a sneak peek.

The BEST is yet to come, don't lose faith or hope, the Goodness and Light Live within each soul and Will be fully expressed and embodied very soon.

56 grams

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