Orgone Healing Disc Metatrons Cube

Orgone Healing Disc Metatrons Cube
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Metatron's Cube, Orgone Healing Disc - 4 inches in diameter and approximately 1/4 inches thick these Orgone discs can be used to purify food or water or as a tool to reduce chronic pain for healers or personal use.

Place on chakras to open, clear, balance, align.

Place near wireless networks, computers, cell phones to neutralize discordant energy.

Filled with andara crystals,Selenite Metatrons Cube sacred geometry on surface

In sacred geometry,  Archangel Metatron, the angel of life oversees the flow of energy in a mystical cube known as Metatron's Cube, which contains all of the geometric shapes in God's creation and represents the patterns that make up everything God has made.

Balancing Energy

The cube is an image of God's energy flowing through Metatron to all the many parts of creation, and Metatron works hard to ensure that the energy flows in the proper balance so that all aspects of nature will be in harmony, believers say.

"Metatron’s Cube helps us realize the harmony and balance of nature," writes VanDen Eynden in "Metatron." "Since it depicts an equilibrium in the six directions represented within it. ... Metatron’s Cube can be used as a visual focal point to connect with the archangel, or it can be used as a concentration tool for meditations that promote peace and balance. Place an image of the cube anywhere you wish to be reminded of the archangel’s loving, balancing presence."

A Tool for Inspiration and Transformation

People can derive inspiration from Metatron's cube and also use it for personal transformation, say believers.

"Ancient scholars believed that by studying sacred geometry and meditating on its patterns, inner knowledge of the Divine and our human spiritual progression can ... be gained," VanDen Eynden writes in "Metatron."

In her book "Archangels 101: How to Connect Closely With Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, and Others for Healing, Protection, and Guidance," Doreen Virtue writes that Metatron uses his cube "for healing and clearing away lower energies.

The cube spins clockwise and uses centrifugal force to push away unwanted energy residue. You can call upon Metatron and his healing cube to clear you."

Virtue later writes: "Archangel Metatron has insights into the malleability of the physical universe, which is actually composed of atoms and thought energy. He can help you work with universal energies for healing, understanding, teaching, and even bending time."

Stephen Linsteadt writes in his book, "Scalar Heart Connection" that, "Metatron’s cube is a symbol and a tool for personal transformation. ... to listen deeply with the ear within the chamber of our heart so we can connect to the Infinite. ... Metatron’s cube contains many geometric symbols for the unity of the finite with the infinite."

We do not accept returns. Please purchase because you feel a connection with it, not based on how it looks or the description written about it, everyone's experiences with andara can be vastly unique and different.

A REAL Monatomic andara emits its energy through a picture or video, you can FEEL them.  If you do not feel this connection, please do not purchase as all sales are FINAL.

Andara are "glass like" and Raw, not tumbled, cut or polished, they are straight from the Earth which means they can have sharp edges, please be careful, you may choose to lightly file down any sharp edges with a fine sand paper.