Opal Tree of Life Necklace

Opal Tree of Life Necklace
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This Beautiful Opal Tree of Life Necklace is full of Unconditional Love and Healing Vibrations.

Let your soul march to the beat of beautiful love as you wear the Opal Tree of Life Necklace close to your heart.

Healing Properties of Opal

Be guided by the light in this Opal Tree of Life Necklace. Fired up with a thousand lights dancing beneath the surface. Delicate and designed to harness all the healing powers of the purest form of Opal out there, joy comes thick and fast with these sublime pendants. 

“With this pendant, I chase shadows from my soul and step into the light of hope and self-belief.”


Opal is one of the highest vibrational stones -  Mined in the heights of the Great Rift Valley, Opal holds ancient wisdom, intricate wonder, and elevated joy.  Opals are hope stones - here to infuse you with the power of promise and a heightened sense of self-belief that whatever happens is all part of your soul purpose and life plan. It’s also an amazing amplifier - meaning that it takes just a hint of energy, and this stone can turn the power right up. 

Opal is also amazing at bringing your chakras into alignment and can encourage higher communication, strengthen psychic powers, and lend its light to protect your aura. It rids the body, mind, and soul of shadowy negative energy and puts you perfectly in sync - opal can also work wonders at shifting anxiety. The silver element is also a healer, as it helps balance emotions and can even encourage detoxing.