Indigo Shaman from sacred land Extinct Species

Indigo Shaman from sacred land Extinct Species
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Carries all of the attributes of the cobalt and more. From cobalt to light blue, This Andara is a conduit of the pure “Blue Ray”. Emanating from the core of the universe, its vibration is the holographic stream of the now, limitless as are we.
Holds energy of the High Priestess and Priest

Restores grace, peace, harmony, acceptance and

It brings forth peaceful change

It is a channel for divine energy. It holds mother

Takes you back to a time when the royal blood lines began; where honor and service to God (Divine Source) and mankind brought you to a place of oneness with your Divine plan and path.

Shaman's stone

Opens song line chants and ancient lineage

Brings into alignment voice and creation

Allows inner thoughts to manifest and
illuminates them for correction

Promotes deep transformational shifts

Aligns one with the universal laws of

14 grams