Hematite and Tigers Eye Bracelet

Hematite and Tigers Eye Bracelet
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Beautiful Hematite and Tigers Eye Unisex Bracelet.  

Natural Healing: Made with hematite and yellow tiger eye beads, this bracelet has healing properties that can help with stress, anxiety, and negative energy.

Hematite-  As one of the worlds best protectors, Hematite is your cloak of silver and a stone of great healing power for those who need an extra dose of grounding. 

“With this stone, I can welcome the flow of water or the strength of rock according to what I need”

Tigers Eye- Strength, prowess, and the perfect balance of knowing how to protect yourself without throwing up walls, Tiger Eye wants you to tap into your wilder side and move through the world with power. Helps to unite one's will and desires, brings ideas into reality. Enhances integrity, willpower, practicality and correct use of power.

“With this stone, I feel protected, powerful, and ever ready to face the day”