Crystal Healing Set

Crystal Healing Set
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This Crystal Healing set is perfect for any Energy Healing Practitioner or Individual on the Spiritual path where one can use this set for meditation, chakra healing, crystal healing session, yoga, crystal grid work and really however your intuition guides you.

Chakra Healing: Each crystal in this set is carefully selected to align with the seven chakras, promoting balance and harmony in your body and mind.
Quartz Power: Made of high-quality quartz, these crystals are believed to have powerful healing properties and can amplify energy and intention.
Beautiful Design: The hexagon shape and rose quartz gems make this set a stunning addition to any meditation space or healing sanctuary.
Complete Set: With 14 different crystals included, you have everything you need to start your crystal healing journey or expand your collection.
This set includes: Yellow jade, red jasper, agate, sodalite, clear quarts, aventurine, amethyst, tigers eye, rose quartz, lapis lazuli