Blue Shaman Swirl Andara Crystal

Blue Shaman Swirl Andara Crystal
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Blue shaman swirl is considered a MASTER ANDARA as it has attributes of akasha, melchiezedek, cosmic key, eye of god, order of michael and so so much more.....when you infuse all of these energies together it creates something brand NEW.

These andara also carry the light codes and master codes to activate and awaken your ability and Sovereign Birthright to Speak the Language of Light, some call this Soul Language.

It is Highly Activating, Healing, Protective and Empowering.

Blue Shaman Swirl works on All Chakras, opening, clearing, balancing, aligning and evolving our energy centers to their next stage of evolution.

The amount of growth and expansion One experiences working with this Andara is radical.

As with ALL Andara Crystals, this is only the tip of the iceberg in how it may facilitate you. The above description is only a general guideline as we have found that for each and every one of us, our journey of Awakening with the Andara’s is unique and vastly different. What you experience highly depends on you and what you are ready for. One thing is certain, whatever you are ready to release, let go of, heal or attract and manifest, it is possible with ANY Andara Crystal. Be prepared for the greatest journey of your life!

 24 grams

We do not accept returns. Please purchase because you feel a connection with it, not based on how it looks or the description written about it, everyone's experiences with andara can be vastly unique and different.

A REAL Monatomic andara emits its energy through a picture or video, you can FEEL them.  If you do not feel this connection, please do not purchase as all sales are FINAL.

Andara are "glass like" and Raw, not tumbled, cut or polished, they are straight from the Earth which means they can have sharp edges, please be careful, you may choose to lightly file down any sharp edges with a fine sand paper.