Atlantean Shaman Swirl "Temple piece" from sacred land

Atlantean Shaman Swirl "Temple piece" from sacred land
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This dynamic andara has strong connections with Atlantis and as such those that are drawn to it most likely have ties and connections with Atlantis that this andara will help to activate the cellular memories from that time.

Being a species of andara considered "shaman swirl", these andara tend to enjoy helping ones soul to travel multidimensionally, galactically and beyond time and space, taking one to critical times, locations where you can retrieve information, healing, insight, technologies to advance our species as well as to bring one "home" to their own sacred heart.

All shaman swirl andara are Master Healers, fiercely loyal and protective allies to help us move towards wholeness and willing to do "whatever it takes" to help us get there.

The Spiritual Initiate MUST be prepared to face their inner fears, perceived limitations, false beliefs and shadow, be ready to purge, to cleanse, to Awaken and soar to the Highest Heights if you are truly ready to go all the way.

618 grams