Angel Aura Olive Andara Crystal

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Rare!  Rare!  Rare!  This exquisite Gem has named itself Angel Aura Olive.  Angel Aura because as you hold it up to the Light or Sun you will witness a beautiful LUMINESCENCE of GOLD  and Orange Glow contained within it.

This Andara is considered a "Wise One", likened to Crystal Skulls this Andara contains the wisdom, knowledge, mystery of the Universe.  Filled with Rare Light Codes that are Highly Activating.  Heals all matters of the HEART.  Helps One connect deeply to their own Inner Wisdom, Guidance and Light.

Angel Aura Olive takes one on a path of Inner Mastery on ALL levels where the Ultimate Divine Embodiment is found.  The Ultimate Collector Specimen!

210 grams