Orgone Healing Disc Seed of Life Geometry

Orgone Healing Disc Seed of Life Geometry
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Seed of Life, Orgone Healing Disc - 3 inches in diameter and a 1/4th inch thick, these Orgone discs can be used to purify food or water or as a tool to reduce chronic pain for healers or personal use.

Place on chakras to open, clear, balance, align.

Place near wireless networks, computers, cell phones to neutralize discordant energy.

Filled with andara with Seed of Life Geometry on the surface.

The seed of life pattern is made of seven interlocking circles. Some beliefs see these seven circles as the seven days in which God created life. First one circle was created and on each further day another circle was added. Once all seven circles were formed the seed of life was born. And from this shape the flower of life (which is basically like the seed of life but with another layer of circles around the outside) is built, which contains the blueprint of the universe. Therefore all that exists can be built from the seed of life. The oldest version of this can be seen in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos.