Orgone Energy Obsidian Pendant

Orgone Energy Obsidian Pendant
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Protect yourself from EMF radiation with this sacred geometry obsidian necklace
Features a holy wheel chakra pendant for added spiritual benefits
Made with high-quality materials for long-lasting wear
Perfect for daily wear or as a unique gift for a loved one
Enhance your energy and style with this beautiful organ necklace
What is orgone energy?
Orgone is a natural form of energy that can help balance your body and spirit. Orgone can be created through natural methods such as sunbathing or artificially using Orgone accumulators or Orgone generators to balance out disruptive energies from electronics or other sources of electromagnetic fields. Positive Orgone energy can help with motivation, focus, energy flow, sleep, and overall well-being by combating negativity and reducing electromagnetic fields (EMF).

Physical healing

An Orgone stone can balance out any disruptions caused by EMF. Therefore, you can have better focus and a stronger immune system. 

If you have too much screen time, your chakras are likely unbalanced from exposure to electromagnetism. Orgone can help balance that out and give your body an energy boost as well.

Spiritual healing

An Orgone stone can improve your spiritual awareness and promote spiritual growth by removing the negative energy around you. 

First, get your mind in the right state using meditation. Don't worry about your negative thoughts or emotions. Just let them flow while you focus on your breathing. Once you feel relaxed, you can begin using your Orgone stone for spiritual healing or any other purpose.

Emotional healing

The Orgone stone is an excellent addition to any sacred space as it has a calming effect on people in general. Thus, it promotes positive emotions such as love, joy, peace, and serenity.