Moldavite Lotus Pendant

Moldavite Lotus Pendant
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Beautiful Moldavite Lotus Flower Pendant

Healing Properties of Moldavite- 

  • Meaning: Moldavite is a transformative stone known as the "Holy Grail Stone," believed to bring about rapid spiritual evolution.
  • Healing Properties: It is said to have healing qualities that cleanse the chakras and accelerate personal development, often linked to the heart and third eye chakras.
  • Protection: Moldavite is also considered a protective stone, offering a shield of spiritual protection and helping to block negative energies.
  • Usage: The crystal is commonly used in meditation and jewelry, aiding in the alignment with one's highest self and facilitating communication with the divine.
  • Care: To care for moldavite, it should be cleansed regularly using methods like smudging or resting it on a selenite charging plate to maintain its vibrational energies.