Aventurine Tree of Life Necklace

Aventurine Tree of Life Necklace
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This Beautiful Aventurine Tree of Life Necklace is full of Unconditional Love and Healing Vibrations.

Let your soul march to the beat of beautiful love as you wear the Aventurine Tree of Life Necklace close to your heart.

Healing Properties of Aventurine

Known as the lucky chance stone, the glimmer of Green Aventurine brings opportunity knocking at your door. For those who are feeling a little down and out, slipping this on can bring confidence and prosperity back in balance.

“I can lead myself to greatness.”


Holding all the qualities of a great leader, the glow of Green Aventurine mingles compassion and empathy with decisive action. For those wallflowers who feel like it's time to step out into the light, wearing Green Aventurine ensures you don’t get trampled. Along with keeping you successful in both business and pleasure, Green Aventurine is a calming force and one that soothes spells of anger and irritation.

The Stone of the Amazons, Green Aventurine is deeply connected to the natural world, and its healing properties are said to protect the wearer from electromagnetic smog, technology emissions, and harmful toxins. The cool weight of the stone brings healing circulation to the body and also has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help balance out blood pressure and keep allergies and ailments at arms-length.

The gemstone is connected to the heart chakra and helps to stimulate a fine flow of creative energy, so you can effectively problem solve and become more present without feeling overwhelmed. For those who feel like they could use a little more play, a more stable stance, and a direct shot of optimism running through their veins, Green Aventurine will be your willful muse.