Andara Roll on Chakra Healing oil

Andara Roll on Chakra Healing oil
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This Roll on andara infused oil is lightly scented with therapeutic grade essentials oils specifically selected to balance each of the 7 major chakra centers added to a base of Organic Jojoba, Olive oil and Vitamin E for preservative.

Each Glass bottle has a variety of mini andara inside and each bottle is different.

Andara are Master Beings in stone form here with a Great Purpose at this time for the Awakening and Ascension of Humanity.  They possess a great untapped power and respond to your intentions.

Once the andara and oils are added to the bottles Erica uses a series of 10 quantum energy generators, to Activate each bottle.! When you put it on, your vibration goes higher!  You may experience...

  • Accelerated healing & regeneration
  • Raise your overall vibration to a Higher Level
  • Emotional sense of Upliftment, Inner Calm and Peace
  • EMF radiation protection
  • Increased Vitality and Energy Flow
Though each person may experience different effects, we found that the Andara Chakra oil tends to give each person exactly what they need at any given time.


Once the bottle runs out of oil, keep and reuse, filling with your favorite scent and continue to enjoy the energetic benefits time and again, the Gift that continues to give!

The oil can be used on pulse points, on each chakra, behind ears, applied to soles of the feet to give you a vibrational uplift.


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