Andara Oracle cards

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Andara Crystal Divination & DNA Activation Cards for Spiritual Awakening

44 card oracle deck with andara picture and channeled message.  The energy of the andara comes right through the pictures so they may also be used as an energy activator and healer being placed on the body.

Oracle cards are ancient divination tools that can provide insight into what is occurring in your life, what you need to give your attention to, what you may need to shift and how to heal yourself.

The andara cards have the potential to awaken you to your authentic self.  Each card has a picture of an andara , with a channeled message at the bottom of the card.  The channelled messages can provide inspiration for how that particualr andara can assist you on your journey of self healing and awakening.  Each andara card can also give fresh perspectives about certain events going on in your life.

The reverse side of the card contains a magnified image of the andara, revealing the inner beauty and inner life of these rare true monatomic andara crystals.  You may connect with the energy by simply gazing. 

This card deck is special and unique, not only can you use it for divination but also for healing and activation for yourself or others.

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