Andara Healing Practitioner Course

Andara Healing Practitioner Course
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In this 2 hour Intensive you will learn how to use the Monatomic Andara Crystals in your current Healing practice.

We will cover three andara energy grid layouts to use on your clients to support them in their healing process.

The basic 7 energy grid, 9 energy grid and 11 energy grid.

Learn which andara are most effective for common client concerns such as:

Chakra clearing and balancing

Removing dense energies from subtle bodies

Clearing entities and other discarnates

Balancing masculine/feminine attributes

Balancing shadow/light aspects within

Clearing familial patterns and pre-dispositions

Deep purifying of all bodies and chakras/auric field simultaneously

Healing of the Heart

Raising ones vibration

Opening and expanding consciousness

Using andara to manifest

Physical healing

Returning the love of self

and more!!

This class is an AUDIO course.

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