Payments and Policies

We do not accept returns on Andara, please only buy an andara because you FEEL a connection with it, not based on how it looks or the description written about it. Everyone's experiences with Andara can be vastly different and unique.

We pack the andara the best we can and despite our best efforts andara can chip and split during transit as they are "glass like", if this occurs and you are not happy you can ship the andara back to us, you must pay for return of shipment and we can replace the andara with another you resonate with or give a credit only.

Andara have a mind of their own and if you have been working with them for some time you are well aware of this, they also like to be "more", meaning, they can break at will if this is what they want to do.

Currently Andara are in a huge evolutionary growth phase and they are shape shifting, changing color, phasing, meaning coming in/out of existence, breaking on their own and we have ZERO control over any of this.

We do our best to ensure the andara arrives to you safe and sound, the rest is out of our control, if you are investing significant money on andara we STRONGLY SUGGEST paying the extra to INSURE the package, so that in the event anything happens, you are covered, this is your choice and we highly recommend it.

We do not gives refunds.