Electric Yellow from sacred land Extinct Species

Electric Yellow from sacred land Extinct Species
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Electric yellow is a part of the "electric" family of andara that includes electric blue, green and yellow.

These are some of the most "activating" andara of all the species.  They activate your latent DNA strands, Open and Expand Consciousness, Activate your latent Gifts, Talents, Skills so you can share your Gifts with the World.

This species is Very important for the New Hue-Mans, the Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, Starseeds as it is strengthening to them as their Empathy can be overwhelming.

Gives one direct knowing access to the Cosmos, holds the Christ Consciousness Blueprint within and activates this within you when your heart is open and ready.

Radically elevates ones Vibration and brings you to your next stage of evolution.

As with ALL andara if this piece resonates with you, it will do for you exactly what you are ready for whatever that is, there are no words to explain it, the gifts the andara give are Beyond words, definitions, labels and explanations.


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