Unity Consciousness Color changing Collector piece

Unity Consciousness Color changing Collector piece
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This Andara has named itself Unity Consciousness as this is the energy we are moving into, this andara holds the blueprint of this most perfect loving future.  Anchor the energies of this reality within yourself and your space.

The Unity Consciousness andara are considered "Master Andara" as they are typically a combination of many species simultaneously, making these pieces extraordinarily powerful and highly transformative.

They help One step more fully into their own Sovereign Divine Nature and mastery.  The path of the Master is most fulfilling on every level, it can also challenge you to look deep within and release ALL that is not truly who you are.

This specimen has attributes of Adonai-keys of Enoch-Elohim-celestial and angel aqua-electric Blue and more making this a True Super andara!

 38 grams