Heart of the Warrior- Tri Colored Collector piece

Heart of the Warrior- Tri Colored Collector piece
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   Heart of the Warrior andara helps one to balance Love and Wisdom so one may Embody their Warrior Spirit while still having empathy and compassion.  Can assist to temper an over stimulated or overly fiesty individual.  Can radically help those individuals who know they are change agents, here to help collapse old structures, systems, ways of being, thinking, living that don't serve the whole, the One.  These individuals often have a strong sense of what is fair and just and tend to use their warrior heart to stand up for the "under dogs" of society, or those who are either too young, too old or not empowered enough to stand up and speak up.  A VERY Important andara for a very important group of souls now inhabiting the planet.  Especially the star seeds, indigo, rainbow, crystal and I AM Beings.
17 grams