Rainbow Oracle Extinct Species

Rainbow Oracle Extinct Species
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These are VERY important for the NEW children being born, the indigo, crystal and rainbow children (or adults), it helps with their "empathy and sensitivity" so they can function in this 3D world.

These andara specifically help with activating our latent potential so we can unfold into the highest version of ourselves and have a FULL remembrance of who and what we truly are, bringing amazing empowerment, confidence and certainty within the owner.

These also activate your merkaba lightbody (ascension vehicle), as well as your rainbow lightbody, which is highly PROTECTIVE in nature.

These andara carry the full color spectrum of ALL andara crystals. This crystal is a channel for wisdom and FOCUS (really helping ones labeled ADD/ADHD dissipate mind chatter, bringing mental clarity, stability and into the NOW moment)

These andara also help you access the akashic records (records of the soul)

This andara balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, as well as upgrading and rewiring the brain as needed, as consciousness shifts, opens and expands.

Within the andara clear is the ALL, the ONE, bringing feelings of Oneness and Unity, works with all 7 chakras and the chakras beyond the physical body.

A VERY important Andara indeed!

 40 grams

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