Pledian light from sacred land

Pledian light from sacred land
$ 45.00

This andara has named itself Pledian Light, connecting with the Pledian star cluster and Light Beings from this star nation.

This andara brings through High Spiritual Light and wisdom via the Pledian Light Beings. The higher and lighter the frequency, the closer to the God source one becomes.

Eventually, all will become Pure Light at the center of creation, which is God or Spirit or whatever name you choose to call it.  As we evolve, gaining wisdom and true understanding about our real essence, we begin to open up more to Love, and to feel our connection with one another and the universe. 

In the Earth realm, Love is only experienced and known at a low level compared to all that truly exists, connect with a HIGHER Love via using this andara as a portal of connection within your own sacred heart.  

 15 grams