Atlantean Heart SEAFOAM ELDER Collector piece

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Clear with light to very light bluish tint. Holds the energy of the high priestess and priest.  Connects one to mystery school knowledge.

Restores grace, peace, harmony, acceptance and compassion.

Brings forth peaceful change and channels divine energy. It holds Divine mother energy.

Takes you back to a time when the royal blood lines began and honor, service to God (Divine Source) and mankind brings you to a place of oneness with your Divine Plan & path.

Awakening of work begun long ago. 5th, 7th Chakras.

This andara comes from the sacred land in Northern California

As with ALL Andaras, this is only the tip of the iceberg in how it may facilitate you. The above description is only a general guideline as we have found that for each and every one of us, our journey of Awakening with the Andaras is unique and vastly different. What you experience highly depends on you and what you are ready for. One thing is certain, whatever you are ready to release, let go of, heal or attract and manifest, it is possible with ANY Andara.Be prepared for the greatest journey of your life!

33 grams