About the Andara Crystals

Andara meditation events 10.00 per person to enroll you may register here http://ericarock.com/product/andara-meditation-event/ once received you will be emailed the directions–April 24 12-2 these events are LIVE at my private residence in Dover NH. 

Andara Crystal Properties PDF

Andara Crystal Oracle Cards are available are the next best thing to having 44 Physical Andara Crystals!  Look here for an Oracle Card Review video that clearly explains the multifaceted uses for the andara cards, the common experiences one has when working with the deck and more http://andaraoraclecards.com/” target=”_blank”>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiJw_1rUZrI, to go directly to the Andara Oracle card page click here where you will find more info and videos http://andaraoraclecards.com/

Andara Videos for YOU~yes you are that loved and that cool I made some videos for you.  The first is a video about the Monatomic Andara Crystals, you can watch that here: Monatomic Andara Crystal Video

Andara Crystal Oracle cards:  Andara Crystal Oracle Card Video.

Andara Webinar, get “attuned” to 7 different Andara!

Movie about Monatomics which is what are in TRUE Andara Crystals to give you a better understanding of the potency, rarity and magic of andara crystals.  I have ALL etherium powders, Gold, Black, Red and Pink.  I received the monatomic powder from Mickey Magic and it comes from the sacred land, it is PURE, powerful and potent.  Learn more about it here: Movie about Monatomics and Andara Crystals

Radio show interview with Erica Rock about Andara and Expansion of Consciousness on 104.9 look here Please BE SURE to scroll the menu box below the podcast and select #22 the show titled “New Beginnings through healing 12-15-13″ to listen to the correct show: Radio podcast please select New Beginnings Through healing 12-15-13 to listen

IMPORTANT NOTICE!! All of my Andara Crystals that come from Northern California and Mickey Magic Directly are marked “from sacred land” so you may find them easily. ALL of my Andara crystals whether they come from Northern Cali and Mickey or not HAVE BEEN TESTED and were found to have “rare trace Earth metals” which is a unique signature of Monatomic Minerals being present.  The testing equipment is a high grade x-ray machine that tests for metals, specifically GOLD which a TRUE Andara has monatomic gold and platinum present.  Andara crystals are found in ETHERIUM powder which contains over 70 trace minerals.  Etherium MUST be present for an Andara crystal to be a TRUE Andara.  it is the monatomic nature of these stones that make them so powerful, rare and unique.

If you would like to purchase Andara but do not have a pay pal account simply email me at Erica@ericarock.com and I can take a credit card over the phone.

Also if you do not see what you are looking for in your price range please email me and I can look in my back stock to see if I have it and if not, chances are I can special order it for you.

Please friend me on facebook, Erica Rock and join our group Andara Awakening, there you will find hundreds of stories of THRILLED Andara crystal lovers sharing in the healing miracles that they and even their animal companions have experienced. The love, growth, sharing, support and friendship that is found on that page will swell your heart to overflow.  I invite you to be a part of this growing community.

SPECIAL NOTICE!!  The Supply of True Monatomic Andara is dwindling Very Fast.  Many Species of Andara have gone completely Extinct all together, I may only have a few pieces left and cannot get anymore.  I have marked those species on the front page.  The next category of Andara are considered Rare, which means they are not quite Extinct yet, but very soon will be.  Some of my Andara Specimens are also considered Gem Quality and have been labeled as such.  Whether an Andara is Extinct, Rare, or Gem Quality can and does influence the Price of the Andara.  TRUE Andara typically retail for 3.00 per gram across the board and now that no New Andara are being found, the supply is drying up, you are going to see quite a drastic increase in the Price.  As always I offer you the very BEST prices I possibly can on each of my specimens.  Much Love, Erica

The Metaphysics of Andara Crystals:

Andara crystals were originally found by Nellie, a half-Choctaw Indian, Medicine Woman and Shaman.  Being a Shaman and healer she immediately knew the stones had powerful healing properties.  Her intuition quickly blossomed and various healings and other
paranormal events started taking place.

As people have experienced an “Andara Crystal” many people report through DIRECT EXPERIENCE that they:

~Automatically expand your state of awareness
~Increased access to universal knowledge
~Activates channeling abilities
~Accelerates the spiritual development process
~Creates a bridge between ethereal and physical dimensions
~Manifest and create automatically by inserting your intention 
into the Andara Energy Field
~Clears and Balances Chakra Automatically
~Builds trust within bringing feelings of profound empowerment
~Andara Work through the Heart
~Raises your frequency of energy to a much higher rate raising your overall vibration

In 1995, a unique mineral deposit was discovered near one of earth’s high-energy vortex sites in the High Sierra Mountains of northern California.  Monatomic Elements of Gold, Silver, Iridium, Rhodium, Chromium, Platinum, and other monatomic minerals were found in this deposit.  This natural mineral complex exhibits extraordinary properties that strengthen and stabilize the electromagnetic fields of the human body.

Discovered within the deposit were glass-like crystals of exceptional power and beauty. Andara crystals are a glass-like transmuted mineral complex from this naturally occurring mineral deposit high in monatomic minerals.  The modalities of these crystals interact with the individual electromagnetically, restoring health and equilibrium.

The Andara crystal is very special.  In confirmed scientific testing of the location where they were originally found, the soil that Monatomic Andara crystals were discovered in contain high levels of monatomic metallic elements.

Monatomic metallic elements are single atom metal elements that behave very differently than normal metals.  First, as an example, monatomic gold is a fine white powder with very little weight, where metallic gold is very heavy.  The atomic electron spin rate “frequency’ in monatomic gold is much higher than gold.  Very specialized equipment is needed to even test monatomic gold, as normal testing procedures produce inconclusive results or unknown substance.

When monatomic metallic elements are heated to high temperatures, they transmute to a glass like material, Monatomic Andara crystal.  Monatomic elements have the following confirmed properties:

· Very high atomic spin rate or vibrational energy
· Like light photons, they pop in and out of existence
· Their vibrational energy can be passed to other objects
· They are first-matter elements, “prima matra”
· They have been used throughout history to heal and raise / expand consciousness . . .

From a few people who were a part of Erica’s first Andara Attunement Group Tele-call (keep in mind that these attunements were done via distance, over the phone)

“Loved it. Have no words.  I was burning up with the first three attunements. Lots of shifting.” R. L. CT


” I have gone through all of the pictures to allow the activation.  Have you seen images of various beings and scenes in these crystals?  Amazing!  Thank you for sharing them.  I’d love to learn more about these stones & their story.  I’m hooked.  :)   In a good way.  Thank you, again.  My head is buzzing, I’m tingling, and I feel wonderful, relaxed and elated at the same time.”


“The Andara call was high energy for me.  For almost all of the Andara’s, I could immediately feel the energy in my hands and arms.  With some stones, the energy was also intense in the heart center, the shoulders and the third eye.  With all but 2 stones, the energy intensity increase considerably in my hands just before the end of the activations.  There were also several stones that I could sense/see the presence of another being.  This was very strong in the Gaia Green, the Dark Pink, the Fire Solar Light and the Orange/Peach.  I had the feeling of being surrounded by my spirits guides afterward.  When I finally slowed down enough to go to sleep, I slept right through, something I seldom do these days.”

Andara crystals positively affect the energy patterns that move through the body’s meridians. Andara crystals initiate electromagnetic balance and harmony via a positive-charged wave that restores and cleanses.  The individual is blessed with greater creativity, enhanced mind body coordination, improved learning ability and less stress.  Calmness and serenity can also result as mental clutter gives way to a more focused thought process.

“I must share this with you, yesterday I had many sessions where the andara were used, all pendants and loose.  Erica….. WOW…. many people heated up incredibly.  I felt their bodies turn into sauna’s and asked are you getting warm to which they replied yes, and felt immense healing taking place. And for myself…. wearing them while tenting in maine, the first night i wore my lemuria blue pendant i had easily 15 dreams that night ALL of healing my throat chakra. Amazing! I woke tired yet at deep peace of what had transpired.  Simply amazing!” B. J. Mass

The energy of some species of Andara crystals are specific to the upper chakra centers. Thoughts become more focused, and the transformational process of energy (intent) into matter is accentuated. The vibrational difference between thought, and the object of the thought, becomes reduced. Therefore, the time and conscious effort required to manifest intent into physical reality is also reduced.

Many experience the effects of Andara crystals as dramatically expanded sensory perception and access to information beyond normal third dimensional channels. Intuition is increased, especially experiences of telepathic connection with other people or beings. Connections to your higher divine self are strengthened, increasing feelings of universal oneness, harmony and joy.

Andara crystals are a soul enhancing, high vibrational healing tool that works on all levels; physical, emotional, and spiritual. The process creates a unique healing experience, individual for each person, assisting him or her in releasing unwanted energies while expanding their understanding of their true reality, closer to their original divine consciousness.

“In the week since I’ve had them, ( has it only been a week?) I’ve connected deeply with one in particular. I’m not only learning about Cosmic Time in more detail then ever before but I’ve also been able to connect with a past life that is key to my being able to accept my Power and move forward with my Purpose. I want to thank you again for Listening to Guidance and bringing them East for all of us.”
Take Care, Love,Ruth


“hi erica,
i love my andaras and sleep with them every night.  lately i often feel as if i am outside of my body and seeing everything from a different perspective…..colors are brighter, sounds are louder, the plants and trees are talking more (or maybe i’m just listening better)”

Andara crystals are used to access higher dimensions of consciousness. They open and cleanse each chakra and will Detoxify any form of negativity. The healing vibrations are amazing, just out of this world. The Andara crystals will help increase your access to all Universal knowledge and will greatly accelerate your spiritual development.

From a woman who had a Andara Crystal Activation Session: “Hello! :) I was holding two Andaras last evening in Erica’s presence and heard in my head the word “Merkaba.” I experienced what I knew to be a powerful activation in those moments. I believe the Andaras activated my Merkaba light body.” E. L. NH

From a man who purchased an Andara from Erica: “I just received my Andara 1/2 half hour ago.. Didn’t know what to expect, but was so open about the experience. As I was walking back from the postbox, I could FEEL my energy changing and I hadn’t even opened the package. I actually had to stop, smile and take a breathe. My positive energy was sky rocketing. When I opened and held the beauty, I felt my vibration soar… Knowing that I had to go back to work, I have it beside me right now and just feel the focus, energy and love. AMAZING!! I’m sure there will be more tales to tell.” B. S ME

Andara crystals are one of the best stones if you can even call them that, for giving one the ability to channel. Andara crystals are also perfect for healing.

From a woman who purchased an Andara from Erica: The day I got the Andara I began to clear trauma in a whole new way from my neural network.The deep process of healing and clarity is awe-inspiring. Grateful. Grateful. Grateful!” L. R. NH

Andara crystals are thought to be ancient healing devices that have been around for eons and are believed to have been used in the healing temples of Atlantis & Lemuria, but only now in recent years are they being recognized in the western world as a powerful healer and ascension tool for spiritual advancement.

From a woman who purchased an Andara from Erica: “Holy Mother of God Erica!!!!!!!!!! Since yesterday I have been being activated by Mother God, in ways that are hard to explain and was even a bit overwhelming…like a very advanced activation… today I woke really early feeling so ancy and almost irritated to the bone.. when I asked within what on earth was happening, I was told I am being prepared energetically and cleared in preparation for the arrival of my new Andara’s and the energy they contain. I can’t type much more right now.. my eyes are full of tears as I just received my new Andara’s in the mail a little while ago.. I cried instantly as if seeing a very old friend for the first time in eons, and I do believe that is exactly what occurred. WOW is all I can say, the next moment, I literally grounded so deeply that all instances of earlier irritation were GONE and left me in a state of bliss that words could not do justice. I must go now and spend tine getting acquainted. I just had to share! ♥ ♥” Y. P FL

Andara crystals are Heliocentric which simply means they absorb and reflect light which is why they have become such a popular choice for healers and collectors the world over. There popularity is not only based on beauty alone. The energies are very powerful and can be quite intense at times but you will always have a positive experience when using and working with Andara.

From a woman who purchased an Andara from Erica: “Last night was my first night sleeping with my new Andara’s under my pillow. For months.. sleep has evaded me and I found myself waking at the butt crack of dawn unable to go back to sleep… until last night. Talk about sleeping like a rock!!!!!!! These babies took me so far out of my body while I slept, I was unwakable until my journey ended and I woke at 9:25am YIPPIE, I feel so dang rested and full of energy I can hardly sit still. I wish I could remember what all I dreamt, it was a trip and I remember it was magnificent as we traveled to the crystal temples I once worked in Lemuria. I just can’t seem to remember the rituals we did, it was like I was in school learning how to use them all over again.. I just can’t remember any more than that. I am sure it will continue coming to me. I am IMPRESSED and HUMBLED beyond words! ♥ ♥ Thank you Erica for helping MY crystals find their way back to me after all these lifetimes. You are AMAZING!!” Y. P. FL

Andara crystals are available in such beautiful colors due to rare trace mineral deposits of metal oxides found in the soil, trace elements such as Iron, Manganese, Selenium, Cobalt, Copper, Nickel, Titanium, Gold, Silver and even Uranium, yes even Uranium which I must point out is not radioactive enough to be dangerous because the trace elements are minimal.  The colors vary depending on the percentage of the minerals found in each piece.

I first came across Andara crystals when I was visiting Hawaii. I must admit though that I wasn’t a great fan of the Andara to begin with they quickly grew on me. I think I was put off more than anything by the fact that it just looked like a chunk of broken glass.

I was called to go back to Hawaii and stay at a Goddess temple where I first met the Andara crystals.  The owner of this temple had the largest collection of Andara I have seen to date.  I slept with them, meditated and prayed with them and had PROFOUND experiences, shifts and changes in my consciousness right away.

I was opening to greater and greater gifts of Divine Grace.  The Andara crystals communicated many things to me and seem to KNOW exactly who I was and the role I came here in this life to play.

They communicated to me that I was a guardian of them, that I needed to purchase as many as I could as there was a urgency with them to connect with their owners and get to work right away.

I could feel the energy was quite something else which is why I started to work with them and soon learned that it was indeed a “crystal”  in its own right yet in a league all their own for sure!!  Now I just wouldn’t be without them and use them for healing, meditation, Layouts & jewellery.

Andara crystals are considered to be a new discovery of element now known as “monatomic”.  These stones are in a unique league all their own, they are found in regions where monatomic minerals are contained within the soil.  Various sources say that Andara crystals are found high up in the sacred Indian regions in Northern California, South Africa, and are popping up in other places within the US.  There is a lot of mystery around the Andara.

In a message from Thoth, channeled through Rev. Maia Christianne Nartoomid we have learned, “…Andara is the name we have chosen to give these crystals. They are composed primarily of “prima matra” (sacred matter) heated to very high temperatures. The “sacred matter” powders coming from this land were created by an inter-dimensional energy implosion creating Blue Needles, which are highly charged itonic (particles of supra-atomic substance) streams falling inter-dimensionally into a moving and spinning field of energy, creating whirling elongated holes in time…Approximately 2000 years after the implosion had occurred, a Lemurian temple complex was raised on this site. The name of this temple was “Andara,” meaning “Light of Beauty and Perfection.” The primary purpose of this complex was in working with the prima matra powders, crystals, and water of the land to transmute their crystalline DNA…”


It is thought that there was once a lemurian temple on the site that the first Andara crystals were found.  The Andara that we are finding now were once a part of that temple.  There is much controversy that an Andara is nothing more than slag glass.  The experiences I and thousands of other people have had are testimony to the fact that andara may look and feel like glass, but their energy is OUT OF THIS WORLD.